CarolinaLink - Telephone Cooperative PAC

Contrary to popular opinion, contributions to political candidates by a Political Action Committee (PACs) do not come from company funds. Rather, PACs recognize that individuals with common interests can voluntarily pool and contribute their own personal resources to support candidates that support similar goals. The right to help fund candidates with similar views is fundamental to our right to the free expression of political ideas.

CarolinaLink - Telephone Cooperative PAC was founded on that same principle. Membership is completely voluntary. Members include employees, staff, directors and retirees of the North Carolina Telephone Cooperative Coalition (CarolinaLink) and North Carolina Telephone Membership Corporations (TMCs). Collectively, these TMCs provide state–of-the-art voice, video, high speed Internet and other communications services to some of the most rural areas in 26 of North Carolina’s counties. For these areas to realize the full benefits of the information age, it is critical that public policy makers understand and support policy goals that recognize that critical role that technology plays not only in urban areas but rural areas as well.

North Carolina is becoming more urban. More than one half of the State’s population resides in approximately 15 percent of North Carolina’s counties. As the population has shifted to more urban areas, rural areas have lost representation in legislative bodies. For this reason, it is critical that rural areas support qualified candidates who understand the issues that are important to their rural constituencies.

This includes the need to elect candidates who have views that recognize the importance of bringing modern communications services to rural areas that are comparable in quality and price to those provided in urban areas. The CarolinaLink - Telelphone Cooperative PAC was organized to assist in these efforts. It is our hope that by pooling the resources of our voluntary members that we can be more effective in those efforts. The PAC is administered by the CarolinaLink Staff and governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one employee from each TMCs. Contribution decisions are made by the Board of Directors and not company management. The following provides some general information about the PAC:

CarolinaLink Telephone Cooperative PAC

1514 Glenwood Ave, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27608

All memberships are voluntary, and eligible members will be Employees, Retirees, Directors and Members of CarolinaLink and its member companies.

All contributions are voluntary and no contributions will be solicited by means of coercion, threats, force or as a condition of employment.

Board of Directors:
Current Directors include:

  • Neil Faircloth, Star TMC
  • Kenny Church, Skyline TMC
  • Stephen Pell, Randolph TMC
  • Clayton Porter, Wilkes TMC
  • Pepper Younts, Yadkin Valley TMC
  • Terry Raupe, Tri-County TMC
  • Michael C. Lawson, Surry TMC
  • Billy Inman, Atlantic TMC

    PAC Enrollment Form:

    Persons eligible for PAC membership can open a printable .pdf file of a PAC Enrollment Form by clicking the link below. You can call or email us with any questions that you might have or contact the PAC Board member from your company.

    CLICK HERE to Download Enrollment Form.